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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Courtney's Make-A-Wish Trip

April 23, 2012... Courtney's wish was granted by Make-A-Wish KY.  Courtney, my mom and I got to spend the most memorable week in Maui, Hawaii.  We were up at 4:00 am to get ready to catch our first plane to Denver, CO.  It was very exciting until we saw the size of the airplane.... yes, I was scared to death.  Courtney had to hold my hand and she took a picture when I was closing my eyes of how hard I was squeezing her fingers.  They were turning yellow, but she never said a word to me.  Our plane to Maui was bigger 767.  Courtney and I played games and tried to sleep during the 7 hour flight.
We arrived in Maui in the afternoon, and we could not believe how absolutely beautiful it was.  It was paradise!!  We were greeted with Lei's by a beautiful Hawaiian lady holding a sign with Courtney's name on it.  I saw her before Courtney and I got my camera out.
We arrived at our hotel, Westin Resort and Spa, and was amazed how beautiful it was.  We were upgraded to an Ocean view room.  We were so happy!  
Monday night we had our first meal at the hotel restaurant.... delicious.  Courtney felt all grown up sitting by candlelight with her water glass and new fingernails.  lol  We were in bed by 7 pm and up at 4 am all ready for a day in paradise.  Tuesday was our day of rest so we swam in the pool... went down the pool slides... swam in the ocean.  We had a great time swimming.  We were happy they had so many huts by the pool for protection.

We are very grateful to Make-a-Wish for this fabulous trip.  We hope to go back someday, and I hope to take her on more vacations.

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Imperfect Mom of Six said...

Sounds like it was a slice of heaven.Glad it happened, a piece of calmness in a stormy year