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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tanning Beds - KY 12RS HB249

I was very pleased when CA was the first to ban tanning beds for those teens 18 and younger.  I felt that other states would definitely follow in their footsteps since they are proven to cause cancer.  I could not wait to see how other states followed.  A good portion of other states have proposed bills for 18 and younger, but not KY.  I was so disappointed when I read this:
KENTUCKY - HB 249 has been introduced. It would prohibit any person younger than 14 years of age from using a tanning device. Major disappointment!! Most of the teen tanning bed users are probably older than 14, so that totally ignores the problem. KY residents, let your state legislators know that you are not happy with such a weak bill. 

There are a few other states that are also introducing the 14 and under ban.  I did contact my state legislator.   

My daughter was 16 when she was diagnosed with melanoma!  


Benji Aymond said...

Please share with Courtney that she stays in my prayers! I go for my first 3 month checkup this week, fingers crossed that everything is clear.


Courtney's mama said...

Hi Benji,
I will! You are in our prayers too! Good luck this week. Let us know how it goes. :) Tari