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Thursday, January 19, 2012

St. Jude Monthly Check-up

Courtney had another wonderful check-up on January 17, 2012.  Her blood works looks good although her liver numbers are still elevated slighly.  They will continue with the 25% reduction in her peginterferon.  The nurse did a full body check for lumps and moles, and did not find anything. 

Courtney and I always have a wonderful time driving down to Memphis every month.  We talk, laugh and sing... and eat too much!  It is such a wonderful hospital.  We feel right at home when we have to go.  The drive is starting to get tedious recently, but only 5 more months and we will be going every 3 months. 

Courtney is a junior in high school and has begun the college process.  She did well on her practice ACT, and she will take her first test in February.  She is enrolling in July/August as soon as she starts her senior year.  This is a very happy time for her as she is so excited for college, but she is worrying way too much.  I told her we need to take it a step at a time, and all of our questions will be answered. 

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