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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Long time between visits

Courtney has been doing very well.  She has been enjoying her senior year of high school and cooping 1/2 at the bank.  She is very busy with school and work as they have her working 1/2 on Saturday too.

It seems like such a long time since we have been to St. Jude, when it has only been 2 months.  We go every 3 months now and are due back October 9th.  I have been reverting back to  worrying about the melanoma returning since they are not checking her as often as they did in the past year.  I feel like October cannot come soon enough just so I can be sure she is okay.  I started doing a little research again lately on melanoma since so many friends have been dying, but I know I have to stop because I will begin that downward spiral again.  I used to read so many melanoma blogs... but so many of our melanoma friends are not with us any more.  It makes me so so sad.  It is just so devastating.  I do need to keep up on others blogs though to see how everyone is doing.  I just do not understand why there is not a chemo or medicine that works for melanoma.... why is it so resistant to chemo??  Courtney has a  Stage 2c and I am so afraid of it going to a 3 or 4 and there not being a treatment that works for her.  I pray for a cure every day!

I have been thinking of taking Courtney on a tropical trip for her graduation present in May 2013 or early June.  She had the choice of a party or a trip.  lol  I have looked at a lot of islands and they are all so beautiful.  We went to Maui, Hawaii for her Make a Wish trip last April, but this time I want to take her to swim in the turquoise waters in the Caribbean.  I am hoping my mom can come with us too.  I think that was our favorite part of Hawaii.... my mom laid next to the pool reading while Courtney and I went swimming in the ocean and we LOVED those waves.  We laughed so hard as the waves kept taking us down and we were rolling all over the place as each wave came and went.  I laugh just thinking about it.

I think of all of the good time we have together and all the silly things she says and she makes me laugh so hard.  I cannot and WILL NOT imagine a life without her.  (tears)
Tari, Courtney's Momma 

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