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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Peginterferon shots

Courtney has had 6 shots of Peginterferon alpha 2b so far, and is really doing well.  She does get a few side effects with this shot, but they are not as bad as the high dose interferon.  I have read several reports and articles saying that peginterferon takes away your quality of life for the year that we have to take it, but I have to say that it is not effecting Courtney negatively at all.  She does get some achiness, nausea, and maybe a slight memory loss at times... but she leads a regular life and is very happy, upbeat, and extremely positive about kicking this cancer. 

Courtney was approved for Make-a-Wish, and we are waiting on a local representative to contact us.  She is leaning towards a Mediterranean cruise ... Spain, Italy, France.

We go back to St. Jude August 29th for her monthly check-up.  She will go once a month for the next year, then 3 times a month for two years, etc... it is a 10 year protocol.  

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