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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Courtney had her surgery on Monday, June 6,2011.  Everything went really well.  They did not do a skin graph like they said they would do and just stitched her up, which is good.  Yesterday she had her drain removed and they removed the bandages and it really does look good for the amount of skin they removed.  We were supposed to receive our test results on the lymph nodes, but they will not be in until Monday.  The surgeon did say that her lymph nodes look clear, but we still need to wait for the results as they are doing a more thorough test.  We are so very happy about this.  I was very scared, but I prayed every moment that I got.  So we will know for certain about the lymph nodes on Monday, her stage of cancer, and her treatment plan.  She is really doing great!!  I missed her sunny personality while she was on the morphine, but she is definitely back to her happy self. 

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